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Amara for Web Media

In today’s global world, localization is a critical component of a strong content distribution strategy. The fastest way to grow your audience and extend your reach is to caption and translate your content.

Amara Web Media Customers

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More Markets, More Viewers

Organizations are bringing their content to more markets and more viewers with Amara's innovative and affordable solutions. Whether you need to purchase subtitles or want to create them with the help of your viewers and fans, who know your content best, Amara is the perfect choice.

  • Grow your audience globally
  • Gain unparalleled audience engagement
  • Enrich audience viewing experience
  • Extend your organization’s reach

case study

TED is a pioneer in the collaborative translation space. They were the first organization to open their video library to thousands of volunteers and invite them to translate. Members of TED's Open Translation Project have been subtitling videos into dozens of languages ever since. Recently, one particular video was made available in over 100 languages!

The Amara Enterprise platform has enabled the TED Open Translation Project to go from managing 1,200 videos and 7,000 volunteer members, to managing more than 30,000 videos and nearly 27,000 volunteer members.

  • Many Talks translated into 40+ languages
  • Powerful strategy for localization
  • Highly engaged volunteer translation community
  • Amara platform ensures high quality

"The TED Open Translation Project is a tight-knit and highly collaborative community that has been growing fast with Amara's help. They've built the most advanced collaborative subtitling toolset available and are continuing to evolve it. Amara listens well and is always improving the experience."

Kristin Windbigler Kristin Windbigler
TED Open Translation Project

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