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Amara Enterprise

A complete solution for all your subtitling needs

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A Sustainable Solution

Video is the fastest growing form of content on the web, mobile apps, and more. To keep up with this explosive growth, organizations need a sustainable and multi-pronged approach to captioning & subtitling.

Amara Enterprise is the answer.

Amara Enterprise Customers

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Amara Enterprise in Three Steps

1. Choose one or more options:

crowd iconVolunteer Crowd Subtitles

Invite your viewers, those who benefit from and enjoy your content, to help create subtitles — witness the incredible results!

lock iconPrivate Crowd Subtitles

Use your own private team (staff, contractors) to create affordable subtitles.

stopwatch iconOn Demand Subtitles

Purchase high quality, professional captions and subtitles in nearly any language.

2. Add content to Amara

No matter which subtitle creation option you choose, Amara helps you achieve a balance of quality, affordability, and turnaround time.

3. Quality Control and auto-sync

Amara Enterprise includes quality control features that ensure no caption or subtitle goes public without your approval.

AND, syncing completed subtitles is easy! Amara integrates with major video platforms and features a powerful API.

Meet Amara's Next Gen Editor

Amara's award winning subtitle editor is simple to learn, yet very powerful — it's at the core of every Amara offering. Check out the Amara Editor in this brief how-to video.

Amara is a a cloud-based solution that runs on your browser. For you, this means no cumbersome desktop software or video downloads. Amara makes it easy to:

  • Caption or translate any video
  • Learn to subtitle
  • Create subtitles quickly
  • Address complex subtitling needs
  • Work within a team environment
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Looking for a Total Solution?