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Amara for Education

With explosive growth in the volume of educational video content, it is critical for education providers such as universities, colleges, and online education portals to find an affordable and sustainable solution for accessibility and internationalization.

Amara provides the most flexible and extensible solution in the market with Amara On Demand and Amara Enterprise.

Amara Education Customers

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Accessibility & Internationalization

Whether your organization needs to ensure that all videos meet ADA accessibility guidelines, or you want to enrich the experience of your international students, Amara is the right choice.

Amara provides a flexible set of options that you can tailor to fit your needs.

  • Meet ADA compliance
  • Buy affordable captions & translations
  • Seamless integration with video platforms
  • Do It Yourself subtitling options

Udacity case study

Udacity's mission is to bring to the world accessible, affordable, and highly effective education in career-relevant skills like data science and programming. To achieve this goal, Udacity is subtitling their course videos into many different languages to reach learners around the globe.

Udacity, along with their education partners, utilize Amara Enterprise to localize Udacity’s fast growing course portfolio. The Udacity translation team has over 1,600 volunteer members and growing.

  • Udacity students volunteer to translate
  • Volunteers make Udacity content more accessible
  • More people around the world benefit
  • 10k+ videos captioned by Amara On Demand
  • Completed subtitles sync to published videos

"The folks at Amara have been responsive and helpful — ready to go above and beyond to help us meet key deadlines. They have also played a big role in helping us streamline a blend of subtitling processes, as we plan for long term scalability and global reach."

Kevin Mills Kevin Mills
Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

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